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The future of foundry technology

The Lawton Standard family of companies focuses on serving our customers as value-added suppliers of iron and steel castings. We’re constantly looking for ways to save time and money and provide our customers with the highest quality castings. We work with multiple locations and divisions of growing global organizations. All of them communicate with Lawton, but almost none of them communicate with each other and this leads to conflict. We’re taking steps forward with the right technology to fix this issue. The new steps in technology have pushed new boundaries in the “smart factory” or Industry 4.0, which advances how...
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Lawton’s educational outreach: Getting kids interested in manufacturing

The Lawton Standard family actively engages in educational outreach programs with local schools. The goal is to inform students of career opportunities within manufacturing. For example, Lawton has introduced iron foundry practices to students as young as middle school by attending job fairs andhosting tours. Middle school programs include participation in career days where Lawton trainers employ the Foundry In A Box principle to show students how castings are made through a hands-on approach.  High school job fairs allow students to talk with real-world practitioners about career paths available in a foundry. In addition, tours of local facilities enable students...
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Lawton Standard’s approach provides resilience

During times of increasing uncertainty and change, it appears that there is safety in numbers. Having a family of five foundries has enabled Lawton Standard to weather the pandemic, a major recession, labor shortages, and a war that has caused shortages and large swings in the prices of raw materials. As the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Lawton Standard, Blake Albritton has helped to confidently guide the company on a path toward greater growth and efficiency, despite these turbulent times. He’s in charge of several key areas of Lawton Standard, including engineering, maintenance, strategic sourcing, technical services, and research and...
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MEET THE C-SUITE: An interview with our CAO, Tierney Grutza

Here at the C.A. Lawton Co., we like to take the time to recognize our employees. Today we’re visiting with Tierney Grutza to get a better understanding of her new job title, chief administrative officer. For a video version, check out Tierney on our Lawton Standard YouTube channel. Tierney, tell us a little bit about your professional background. I started in manufacturing in 1986 with General Motors (GM). I had started on the manufacturing line for about nine years while I went to school to get my bachelor’s and graduate degrees. Then I started my management career with GM as...
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How long are lead times?

Lead times vary by product, industry, and material. Some Lawton foundries have found that their customers aren’t putting in orders soon enough to compensate for those longer lead times. And we know we’re not alone. Today, we’ll take a quick look at what lead times are, why they’re so long, and what we can do about it. How long are lead times? “Lead times at record highs and ‘still accelerating,'” said Timothy R. Fiore, chair of the Institute for Supply Management’s Manufacturing Business Survey Committee, in an article by Shefali Kapadia in Supply Chain Dive noted in July 2021. The...
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Get to know the GM: An interview with Gloria Webber

At all The Lawton Standard Co. foundries, we thrive on safety, reliability, collaboration, integrity, and innovation. We value and encourage a healthy family culture at every location. Gloria Webber is all those things and more. Gloria Webber is one of our four general managers. She oversees our Temperform location located in Novi, Michigan.  She has been with the company for over 24 years! We wanted to take the time to recognize our general managers and get to know them a little more. Gloria, what is the role of a general manager? As general managers, we oversee the daily operations of...
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Bring it! We have the capacity!

The Lawton Standard Co. says, “Bring it! We can fill your needs!” Since QESC – Houston joined our family, we have even more capacity to meet the needs of the industry. So here’s a quick look at what we can do for you. For more information, click on the foundry name. C.A. Lawton – De Pere, WI Large iron casting in the 500lb – 20,000lb range C.A. Lawton – Minster, OH Gray and ductile iron up to 45,000lbs Temperform – Novi, MI Stainless steel castings 2 pounds to 5,500 pounds Penn-Mar Castings – Hanover, PA Gray, and ductile iron castings...
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The Lawton Standard Co. announces the (re)launch of QESC (Quality Electric Steel Castings)

The Lawton Standard Co. announces the (re)launch of QESC (Quality Electric Steel Castings) as its latest growth initiative in response to constrained capacity in the domestic metal casting industry.  The Lawton Standard Co. has recently added the facilities and team members of QESC (Houston, TX) to its growing casting business to respond to constrained industry capacity and as part of its broader expansion strategy. The new site will operate as a sister operation to: The C.A. Lawton Co. – De Pere, WIThe C.A. Lawton Co. – Minster, OHTemperform, LLC (Novi, MI)Penn-Mar Castings, LLC (Hanover, PA)  The addition will better position...
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Lawton’s greatest hits

This week, we’re featuring the most popular blogs across our family of foundries. Enjoy learning about the history of PMC, the history of iron casting, and how we got our name. The C.A. Lawton Co.’s most popular blog is The history of iron casting part I. Have you ever wondered about the history of iron casting? When did ancient man first dream of making objects out of molten metal? Even the best historians, archeologists and scientists may never truly know. But perhaps that’s why history is so intriguing. The world’s first castings Some historians believe that iron casting began in...
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