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Lawton’s educational outreach: Getting kids interested in manufacturing

The Lawton Standard family actively engages in educational outreach programs with local schools. The goal is to inform students of career opportunities within manufacturing. For example, Lawton has introduced iron foundry practices to students as young as middle school by attending job fairs and
hosting tours.

Middle school programs include participation in career days where Lawton trainers employ the Foundry In A Box principle to show students how castings are made through a hands-on approach

High school job fairs allow students to talk with real-world practitioners about career paths available in a foundry. In addition, tours of local facilities enable students to see the processes and experience a day in the life of different jobs within the casting industry.

If you are interested in introducing this exciting manufacturing experience to your students or organization, please contact our marketing group at for more information. In addition, we can arrange tours at any of our facilities and informative presentations as part of your career event.