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Sell Your Business

Are you interested in selling your foundry-related business? Here's what we're looking for.


Purchase Size

We are more focused on the cultural and operational aspects of the business than size and have no strict limits (high or low).


Consistently Profitable Earners

We’re looking for companies that can prove stable earnings, return on equity (ROE), and relative value compared with other companies.


Special Situations Welcome

We are interested in special situations such as turnarounds and estate sales.


Appropriate Management

We’ll work with you to ensure appropriate management is in place (yours, ours, or hired). We are looking for management that is open to joining the Lawton family culture.



We are a family of foundries looking for casting-centric and related businesses.


We are Family

Culture is crucial. We are looking for people who want to join our family and do business the Lawton Standard way.

We are flexible, creative, and move fast!

We are flexible in structure. Speed is essential, as is achieving a win for the majority of stakeholders. We want what’s best for sellers, employees, customers, the local community, industry, and suppliers.

If the above qualifications sound like a fit, please contact us to discuss your situation.