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A happy reunion

Ashley Anderson is our Senior Staff Accountant for both our De Pere, WI, and Novi, MI locations. Ashley received her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay because she felt as though it was a stable career path. We had the pleasure of having Ashley be a part of our team for four years before she, unfortunately, informed us that she accepted a position with another company. Although sad news for us, we were happy for Ashley.

When asked about why she left, Ashley said “I think I was just eager for change. I wanted to pursue a different opportunity to see what would come from it.”

Fast forward 5 months later and Ashley had asked to return. We were thrilled to have her come back. She realized that she didn’t want change after all. She went on to explain that she missed the type of work she was doing with us. “I enjoy helping the accounting department here. With all the acquisitions, they have been working hard to make changes to our processes and how we do things. We are streamlining the way we do things across the different sites, and I am happy to be a part of this transition.”

Ashley also expressed how much she missed the people, adding that “I spent years getting to know everyone here and built real friendships. One of the best parts of coming back is definitely the people.” She also talked about how she appreciated her mentorship with Barry Adamski, our President. “I really missed working with him. He really pushes me.” She said.

In addition, she also mentioned that she liked the fact that there are so many opportunities for growth with us since we are always growing.

Ashley is a kind and hardworking individual and we are so glad that she decided to return. She makes a great addition to our family.