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Since 1879
Iron and Steel Castings
up to 45,000lbs

Welcome to The Lawton Standard Co. Make sure your castings are manufactured to the highest standard. The Lawton Standard. About Us The Lawton
Standard Co.

Meet the Family

De Pere, WI & Minster, OH
Capabilities: Producing large iron castings, 500 – 45,000 pounds.
With 140 years of history, we’ve learned a lot about what works – and that extends far beyond engineering and casting large components. We believe that work is more than a place we go every day. It’s a place of growth, creativity, collaboration, and relationships.
Remarkable people. Remarkable results.
Now serving you from two locations!

Capabilities: Steel castings 2 – 5,500 pounds. 


Temperform is a leading specialty manufacturer of heat, corrosion, abrasion-resistant castings, and machined components.

Temperform is home to Damascus Steel, supplying high-performance manganese-grade steel castings.

Capabilities: Gray and ductile iron castings from 150 to 5,000 pounds.


Penn-Mar Castings, LLC. (PMC) foundry has the capacity to pour over 1,000 tons per month. We specialize in 700-1000lb castings. Our air-set, no-bake molding process produces ductile and gray iron castings with excellent machinability, well suited for the refrigeration/air conditioning, pump/compressor, and motor/generator product lines.

Servicing clients worldwide.

PMC has a 97% on-time delivery rate!

Safety First

Our number one priority is safety. When you focus on it as much as we do, you notice how intertwined safety is with other important areas like sustainability. Combine that with our family culture and people-first attitude and you’ll see why we put safety first.

Future Oriented

With unprecedented experience in the foundry industry, The Lawton Standard Co. is a vertically integrated family focused on bringing foundries into the future.


When it comes to sustainability, our approach is to aim high – beyond compliance. Whether you’re talking about recycling materials, energy use or hiring practices, our goal is to do what’s best for the environment, our employees and our customers.


We take pride in our:

The Lawton Standard Story

The Lawton Standard Co. is the parent company of The C.A. Lawton Co., Temperform, LLC., and Penn-Mar Castings, LLC.

In early 2021, The Lawton Standard Co.’s leadership team outlined their goals for the future:

  • Encourage family culture at every location.
  • Be remarkable and reliable.
  • Be technical experts.
  • Have a positive impact on the community.
    • Grow tax base, grow employment base, and treat suppliers well.

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