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How a foundry family makes closer coordination of casting orders possible

As The Lawton Standard family grows, closer coordination of casting orders becomes possible. We work with multiple locations and divisions of many global companies. This often eliminates scheduling conflicts and delays.

For example, let’s say one division has ordered a set of castings to replenish its inventory – it’s not urgent. Yet, it’s first in the production queue, even though another division submits a rush order for a critical casting a day later.

In a perfect world, casting orders should be harmonized between these divisions and the foundry so that we can make intelligent trade-offs in our production schedule. We’re proud to say that The Lawton Standard family of companies is beginning to meet this need. Industry 4.0 has the potential to help our customers be more efficient at scale.

Improved access to real-time information helps us improve our cycle times and be more agile when responding to changes. On-time delivery, cost, service level, and casting quality improve with better, more detailed, and up-to-date information.

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