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Get to know Penn-Mar Castings

Penn-Mar Castings provides quality ductile iron and gray iron castings to a wide variety of industries worldwide. The management staff at our PA office has more than 200 decades of combined foundry experience, giving you the confidence that they know how to meet or exceed your current expectations. PMC is a proud member of The Lawton Standard Co. family of companies.

Penn-Mar Castings is “The Best Kept Secret,” with production lead times of 3-6 weeks. We have been casting parts in the 150-5000 pound range since the 1960s. Penn-Mar Castings is a complete no-bake flaskless facility that specializes in highly complex cored iron castings. PMC currently employs approximately 60 people and has the resources and capacity to meet the growing needs within the industry.

General Capabilities

  •  Pouring gray and ductile iron castings from 150 to 5,000 pounds to
    ASTM specifications
  •  Air-set/no-bake, chemically bonded sand for precision castings
  •  Producing a range of iron castings, including complex, highly cored
    parts at close tolerances to basic parts requiring no cores
  •  Austempered ductile iron (ADI) specialized heat treat process for
    superior strength
  •  Producing 1,000 tons of finished iron castings per month
  •  Production runs from 1 – 200 per month
  •  Gray iron Class 20-50 & Ductile 100-70-03, 80-55-06, 
    65-45-12 & 60-40-18
  •  Complete pattern layout and design with 2D & 3D capabilities
  •  On-site pattern storage

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