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Excitement among foundry customers

A lot has happened with the Lawton Standard family of foundries. In January 2020, The C.A. Lawton Company and Temperform were the first foundries to combine to serve our customers better. Since then, our family has continued to grow! (View our complete timeline here.)

How we’re keeping customers informed

New Lawton Standard customers sense that there’s something special or at least exciting going on at our foundries. They’re naturally curious. They want to know more about what we’re doing and how our expanded suite of products can help them solve more of their casting challenges. In the interest of transparency, we’ve shared our news on our blog, newsletter, and social media.

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Not everything works smoothly… yet

Unfortunately, not every customer conversation has always been positive. For example, our customers may want to know why we can only temporarily deliver eight castings when they requested twelve. Though we work hard to mitigate labor shortages and supply chain issues, they’re still a struggle. And changes in company ownership may cause short-term delays. But we’ve learned that these challenging discussions open the door for us. So we are happy for the opportunity to remind our customers what we’re doing right and reassure them that we’re working to deliver greater value today and tomorrow.

Raising the standard

At Lawton Standard, our slogan is raising the standard for foundries. As our family grows, we take the best processes from each location and standardize how we work across each foundry. As we enhance and integrate our offerings, we learn how to tell our story better. As a result, we believe our business model will become a significant differentiator over time compared to other suppliers.

Like most sophisticated companies, our customers are keenly interested in the future of their suppliers. They’re still facing significant supply chain challenges. In that respect, we’ve got a great story to tell. We’re showing them that we’re working hard and smart to do top-notch work. We have solid plans to expand our goods and services, backed by energy and investment. We will be here tomorrow, next month, year, and decade.

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