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Team building at The Lawton Standard Co.

To build any team, members need to know and understand the capabilities of each member. Anyone who has been on a team, whether a sport, business organization, or even a volunteer group, understands that everyone has different strengths and skills to bring to the effort.  The Lawton Standard Co. recognized that to join four distinctly different foundry organizations, the strengths, and skills of the managers need to be understood by the leadership team. This led The Lawton Standard Co. family of companies to their first Leadership Summit. This two-day event was designed as an open forum to share status and...
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The Lawton Standard Co. announces GM appointments

The Lawton Standard Co. is pleased to announce the next step in building a comprehensive casting offering in the iron and steel segments of the foundry industry. This step involves installing effective operational leadership for each of its sites to direct the overall strategies of delivering quality castings from the newly formed family of foundries. Tim Horner will continue as Operations Manager of The C.A. Lawton Co. facility in Minster, OH.  Tim joined the operation as a grinder after serving an extended time in the US Marines. In his 34 years, he has held every job classification except furnace operator....
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Specialty Metals HoldCo LLC changes its name to “The Lawton Standard Co.”

Specialty Metals HoldCo LLC, the parent company of The C.A. Lawton Co., Temperform, Damascus Steel Casting Company, and The C.A. Lawton Co. – Minster, OH (former foundry division of Nidec Minster), and the newly acquired Penn-Mar Castings is changing its name to The Lawton Standard Co. Alex Lawton, CEO of The Lawton Standard Co., says, “We knew the platform name was a placeholder for internal use. We needed time to define whom we wanted to be in the marketplace. The future of these foundries as a group has become more clear recently, and now is the perfect time for us...
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Penn-Mar Castings joins the family

The C.A. Lawton Co. welcomes Hanover, PA facility as a third iron foundry location Birmingham, MI – Private equity firm, Oakland Standard Co., is proud to announce the expansion of its specialty metals platform and specifically the iron foundry group. Penn-Mar Castings, a gray-and-ductile iron foundry located in Hanover, Pennsylvania, will operate as the third location of The C.A. Lawton Co. Alex Lawton, CEO of the now five-site specialty metals platform, said, “the addition of Penn-Mar Castings to our platform and especially the Iron Group creates a truly next-level offering. The combination with The C.A. Lawton Co. and its De...
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Midwest Manufacturing & Logistics joins the family

Midwest Manufacturing & Logistics joins The C.A. Lawton Co. family The C.A. Lawton Co. welcomes Minster, OH facility as a second iron foundry location Birmingham, MI – Private equity firm, Oakland Standard Company, is proud to announce the expansion of their iron foundries. Midwest Manufacturing & Logistics, an iron foundry located in Minster, Ohio will operate under Oakland Standard’s specialty metals platform as a second location of The C.A. Lawton Co.  Nidec Minster Corporation’s Executive Officer (present foundry operator), David Winch says, “Since our founding in 1896, our ability to locally source high-quality parts has been extremely important to both...
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Damascus Steel Casting Company joins the family

Damascus Steel Casting Company joins Temperform and The C.A. Lawton Co. New Brighton, PA – Private equity firm, Oakland Standard Company, announces the expansion of the specialty metals platform.  Damascus Steel Casting Company joins Temperform and The C.A. Lawton Co. in the platform aimed at providing the joint customer base with a more comprehensive casting offering.  Damascus Steel, founded in 1906, has been helping customers in a variety of industries by supplying high-performance steel castings. Their expertise in providing low to medium volume shell mold castings from concept to finished product aligns with the engineered castings approach of the platform. ...
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The C.A. Lawton Company & Temperform combine

The C.A. Lawton Company (De Pere, WI) has merged with Temperform (Novi, MI) as part of a long-term acquisition and expansion strategy. They are creating a new specialty metals platform that will better position both companies for growth in the industry. This merger will allow each company access to the other’s products and enhance value-added offerings across their customer bases. This new specialty metals platform will operate under the umbrella of Oakland Standard, a firm that specializes in helping organizations grow through mergers and acquisitions as well as facility and automation investments. Alex Lawton, CEO of the new platform’s holding...
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